Trail to Town

My first exposure to ski-touring was in March of 2013 at the Extreme Everest Challenge on Hudson Bay Mountain (an 24-hour event where people skin up and ski down one of the runs chairside on the ski hill with the goal of doing the equivalent vertical of Mt. Everest).

During the following summer I purchased some frame bindings for my skis and eagerly anticipated the coming winter. While winter seemed to take forever to arrive, once it did, the discomfort of waiting was soon forgotten once I put on my boots and clicked into my bindings on November 21, 2013.

A couple weeks later on December 3, I went touring with up the Trail to Town at the edge of Smithers with an acquaintance I met through a local backcountry ski group. It was a humbling experience being new to the sport as we made our way up. I quickly realized my touring partner had long since learned all the tips of efficient ski-touring and left me gasping in my boots the whole time I was out.

This photo was made as we started along the trail. You can see the peaks of Hudson Bay Mountain in the distance. Little did I realize then how important ski-touring would become to me, and how many thousands of photos I would make in the coming years. Ski-touring and photography have become inextricably linked. I can not think of one without the other.

Ski-touring has proven to be a way for me to access hard-to-reach places that not everyone can get to and photograph the natural beauty that surrounds me.

It is, in a single word, fun.

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