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  1. First Day of Summer: Skiing on June 21

    06 Jul 2017

    CHAPTER 1: Packing Up  I’ve been spending a lot of time at my desk over the past months working on my coffee-table book. It’s enjoyable work, albeit exhausting. So as June was quickly coming to a close and I hadn’t gone skiing yet this month, I knew I had better…

  2. Wonderful World of White Newsletter

    23 Mar 2017

    Hot off the press, the inaugural WONDERFUL WORLD of WHITE newsletter. If you find value in reading it, please share with others who you know have an appreciation for photography and the outdoors. 

  3. updated image galleries

    22 Jul 2016

    I added a couple new image galleries today:  Lego Minifigure Skiers: selected images from the past couple of ski seasons where I take my two Lego minifigure skiers out with me and photograph them in different situations.Skiing Adventures: selected images from the past four ski seasons that help to tell…

  4. catching up

    22 Jul 2016

    At the expense of having the time and energy to write about some of the outdoor adventures I’ve had recently, some new experiences helping out a couple different contractors doing some construction work have kept me busy. It’s been both enriching and exhausting at the same time With that said,…

  5. hike to glacier gulch

    31 May 2016

    If there’s anything that drives me as a photographer, it’s the desire to discover for myself and then share with others, the beauty that I find around me. Take my recent hike up the Glacier Gulch trail at the Twin Falls recreation site near my hometown of Smithers, BC I…

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