WONDERFUL WORLD OF WHITE is a tribute to the natural beauty found on mountain slopes in Northern British Columbia. This coffee-table book features photos and stories from my past three seasons of ski touring adventures and relates how I sought physical & psychological healing through experiences on the snow. WONDERFUL WORLD OF WHITE encourages you to seek out adventure with a new perspective on this amazingly diverse world. Witness the beauty of a mountain sunrise, going for long hikes and skiing by the light of a full moon. The book delivers a glimpse of the joy that being in the high and wild places brings.

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"The best photographic advice often comes down to this: photograph what you love. It's very obvious that Curtis Cunningham loves the world in which he pursues his skiing and backcountry adventures. This is a book for people that love these places and the memories of their own adventures there, and a call to others to chase similar adventures in wild places closer to home." (David duChemin - Author of  THE SOUL OF THE CAMERA)

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