updated image galleries

I added a couple new image galleries today: 

  • Lego Minifigure Skiers: selected images from the past couple of ski seasons where I take my two Lego minifigure skiers out with me and photograph them in different situations.
  • Skiing Adventures: selected images from the past four ski seasons that help to tell the story of the places I go and things that I do.

You can also view my most recent Instagram photos as well.

turning ordinary life into extraordinary life art

This morning I watched a TEDx talk that both challenged and affirmed my way of looking at photography. It was given by a photographer (Chris Orwig) I’d not heard of prior to watching the video. 

I encourage you to spend the next 19 minutes considering the encouraging perspective Chris brings to photography. He starts by saying, “The beauty that we see really is dependant on who we are.”

“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.” - Edgar Allan Poe  

catching up

At the expense of having the time and energy to write about some of the outdoor adventures I’ve had recently, some new experiences helping out a couple different contractors doing some construction work have kept me busy. It’s been both enriching and exhausting at the same time.

With that said, I have managed to get out a few times and enjoy nature, so I’d like to share some of the experiences now.

June 1: I spent an afternoon hiking and ski-touring up on Hudson Bay Mountain. This has been the 2nd year in a row that I’ve been able to ski in June. My goal is to go at least once each month during the calendar year. Since I went once last September, only July and August remain to conquer this year.

June 12: The deeper into the summer I went, the more I had to hike up on dirt and rock before I got to the snow so I could ski. Here’s the view I was blessed to witness partway up the trail to the mountain.

July 2: This was the first year that I attended the annual Midsummer Music Festival at the Bulkley Valley Exhibition grounds. Over three days I had so much fun listening to and photographing the different musical acts that made the trip up to Smithers.

July 8: With a few clear days on both mine and my wife’s schedule, we took our son and made a trip to Terrace and Prince Rupert. Here’s a photograph I made at Exstew Falls which is about an hour west of Terrace. If you’re interested in the directions to the falls, let me know and I can send you a map.

July 17: After a day of hiking and skiing,on the way back to my car, I photographed another hiker availing himself of a newly installed piano. A group of enthusiastic musicians and artists recently collaborated on two public pianos placed in different locations around town. One is outside at the museum/art gallery on Main Street in downtown Smithers, and the other one is here on the prairie beneath Hudson Bay Mountain. 

In closing, if you’re interested in purchasing prints of any of the scenic photos here, just let me know.

hike to glacier gulch

If there’s anything that drives me as a photographer, it’s the desire to discover for myself and then share with others, the beauty that I find around me. Take my recent hike up the Glacier Gulch trail at the Twin Falls recreation site near my hometown of Smithers, BC.

I started out by photographing the left-most falls which show a bit of the slope that lays below the Kathlyn Glacier. There’s a palpable sense of grandeur when I consider that in a short while I can make my way through the forest path along the side of the mountain and find myself on the rocks and snow above the falls. I enjoy the challenging and varied terrain the path covers and find such peace and tranquility in the sights and sound that delight my senses.

Once I got through the treeline and started up on the scree, the challenge really began. Walking up on such loose rock is tricky at best. Carrying skis and boots on my backpack added more stress, and made me more aware of how carefully I needed to make each and every step. But as is often the case, I am motivated by the desire to achieve a goal. The goal this day was to get as high as I could so that I could make some more turns and add another day of skiing to my season.

While I didn’t get as high as I ultimately wanted, I was happy with where I ultimately ended up. It was nice to pause for a few moments to rest and soak in the view of the Bulkley Valley that now laid before me. Seeing the green and blue of the valley below provided a nice contrast to the brown and white of the snow-covered foreground in the gulch. I enjoy the peace and tranquility in moments like this very much. 

But the joy didn’t end there. After taking the skins off my skis, and switching my boots over from walk- to ski-mode, I was able to make a few turns down the snow-covered rocks. Mine, and another friend’s turns were still visible from a week prior, so it was fun to make my own.

The storm clouds over the valley provided a nice visual end to this, my 97th day on skis this season.

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