Fun In The Sun / 109 days to go

As the Canadian Ski Cross Championships were once again held on Hudson Bay Mountain, it was another day of excitement watching skiers compete against each other. The crowds were thrilled at the level of competitiveness on the course and camaraderie off of it.

In between heats, there was ample time to take in the splendour of their surroundings. Paragliders above the valley and skiers above Crater Lake were the highlights.

cold snow warm flames / 110 days to go

Waiting in the lift line for the first ride up was a whole lot of fun today. Jezebel, the trail manager’s dog, was there to entertain herself with whomever was waiting for the lift to start turning. Her toy this day was a green tennis ball. They lost count of how many times they threw it and she brought it back before they started up the ski hill. Several hours later, they warmed their bones by the fire and basked in the glow of another incredible day up on the mountain.

sun and snow / 113 days to go

A beauty Sunday started out with breakfast by the woodstove. The rest of the day was taken up with a little on-piste skiing, and then an afternoon of touring over to Crater Lake.

Their parents drove up from town for a light dinner of buns, ham and sliced veggies after which they took a little trip to an outcropping on the mountain from which they could watch the sun set on the other side of the valley.


As I walked around the prairie tonight on Hudson Bay Mountain, I allowed my mind to wander. Being in such a beautiful place, I could hardly help myself.

So I found myself thinking of how many times over the past couple of years that I have traversed this ground with and without the cover of snow (but mostly with). I was filled with emotion at how elemental it is for me to be able to experience this place in the ways that I do.

Whether or not people wonder why I do what I do, I simply say this: I have to ski, I have to hike, I have to wander, and perhaps most importantly, I have to capture scenes like these to share with you.

I share them with the hope that you can get out and be amazed at all this world has to offer.

watching / 115 days to go

It was a race day on Hudson Bay Mountain. Skiers and snowboarders from near and far came to the snowcross course to compete against each other on the beautiful course laid out to the side of the Prairie T-Bar.

While standing on the side of the course next to the photographer who was covering the race, they watched clouds come and go over the south peak on Hudson Bay Mountain, proud parents cheer on their children and kids play on the incline beneath the inukshuk that stood proudly above the t-bar.

After the event was over for the day, they found a nice big stash of snow and made a few turns before heading home.

celebration / 116 days to go

It was a busy, fun-filled day on the mountain. Their camera was busy as they photographed a light-saber battle between snowboarders, a sit-skier flying down a run, pie-eating contest participants and face painting. Then to cap off the day, the annual Schnai Dai Slush Cup took place at the bottom of the Panorama T-Bar. Watching costumed snowboarders and skiers skim over and crash into the water was the most excitement they’d seen in a long time.

After watching a fight between two groups of hockey players that had been skiing around all day and then the winning team drink from the best group costume trophy, it was time to head home. 

They warmed their bones in front of the fire before calling it a day.

cool and grey / 117 days to go

No matter what the weather is like, no matter how much or how little the sun shines, there is joy in experiencing the elements. Today’s experience of a tour up to Crater Lake was highlighted by a few moments of conversation with a cabin owner and the joy that comes from watching dogs play in the snow.

the solace of snow / 120 days

With another beautiful blue sky dotted with puffy white clouds above them. it was a perfect opportunity to go for another ski tour above Crater Lake. If there was any word to describe their ascent it would be details. Beautifully isolated clouds against the sky, delicate forms of the melting snowdrifts, evidence of the melting of Crater Lake and the cornice above it and tiny waterfalls…these were the highlights.

As they stood above the lake, looking out over the Bulkley Valley, they were reminded again of how much they loved their home and the freedom they had to get out. To be able to play in such natural beauty was a gift they did not want to ever take for granted.

getting high in the alpine / 121 days to go

Part of the fun of ski-touring is sometimes beginning without a firm concept of where the destination will be. This certainly was true as our intrepid explorers began from the bottom of the Prairie T-Bar on Hudson Bay Mountain. Step after step after glorious stride and a couple hours later, they found themselves on the ridgeline above Crater Lake. It was there they met a couple of skiers from Terrace, BC who were attempting the summit. After chatting for a little while, the Terrace couple continued their ascent by themselves.

There were so many beautiful scenes to enjoy and photograph that it was quite a while before our skiers turned back and headed down the mountain. In days past, the mountains brought peace and contentment and today was no different. The best part was enjoying nature with people who had a shared affinity for sliding around on snow.

kathlyn glacier / 122 days to go

It was 1 pm when the hike up through the trees began. The day was clear, thankfully, which meant the only burden was the weight of the skis and boots on their backpacks. An hour and a half later, they started across the snow that still covered the scree. After another hour’s worth of hiking, the exhausted pair stood on Kathlyn Glacier, towering above Twin Falls.

They put on their skis and made a few slippery turns before stopping for a portrait by some rocks.

The hike down was made a little sweeter for having successfully ticked off a bucket list item.

little simpsons / 123 days to go

The sun made the hike over to Little Simpsons all the more enjoyable. Blue sky, snow…it could hardly get any better. That their dog Susie came along for the stroll was just perfect.

The only way it could get better was to start making turns…and so they did down the hard-pack snow that covered the upper portion of Little Simpsons.

In the glow of the now late afternoon sun, they slowly made their way back up to the prairie along a snow-covered ridgeline. Their uptrack shone as the sun set against the horizon.

adventure day / 124 days

They stopped to look up from the parking lot at the Twin Falls parking lot. The view of the left-most waterfall as it made its way down from the glacier, over the rocks and then thundering down through the trees was equal parts humbling and awe-inspiring. 

To know that in a matter of a few hours, their little legs would take them along the path to the scree-covered slopes above the trees was a welcome thought and it encouraged them to begin hiking.

Reaching the glacier and ski touring up a bit was very fulfilling. Most of their touring experience had been on the other side of Hudson Bay Mountain, but this was the very first time they had their skis on the snow below Kathlyn Glacier. 

They stopped for a few photos of the valley below before they made their turns, and being in such a beautiful spot knowing they couldn’t stay forever, always made them feel a little wistful. But return home they must.

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